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Delivery Policy

Minimum order £25.

£7 delivery charge for orders under £55.

All deliveries are sent on a 24hr service.  We prepare orders on Wednesdays and Thursdays for delivery on Thursdays and Fridays. Order before 12 noon for next day delivery.

You can pick a delivery day to suit you.

As soon as the box arrives, please empty the contents into your fridge.

If you are not in, the driver will leave it in a safe place – this will be a mandatory field to fill in at check out.

Delivery to England and Wales only.



We use Puffin Packaging’s natural sheep’s wool insulated boxes. Sheep’s wool is a brilliant insulator and is biodegradable. The plastic pouches are recyclable, simply cut out the wool and place the bag in your dry mixed recycling bin.

At the moment, wool is not widely accepted within normal recycling chains as part of your household collection, however there are lots of ways that it can be recycled around the house and garden. Here are just a few examples of customers are reusing their wool liners:

Gardening: composting, mulch, keep tree saplings warm through winter, lay to stop weed growth/protect plants from slugs, padding for plants.

Pets: bedding - birdhouse bedding, keep your rabbits, dogs, cats nice and cosy, make your own pet toys!

Crafts: needle felting, make your own soft toys, the liners can be cut to create cosy insoles for your wellies or boots.

Home: keep your precious items nicely protected by using the liners in storage boxes, roll up to create draft excluders, wrap around pipes to provide insulation against freezing temperatures, you could even start insulating your roof (would take a lot of deliveries)!

Alternatively, if you have the space, store the pouches until you have at least 10 and we will organise for them to be returned to us for re-use.

If you have to put the liners in the general waste, don’t despair – the wool will break down within 12 months wherever it ends up!

For more information on Puffin Packaging please check out their website (

Your order will come packed with Sorba freeze ice gel packs, they are reusable but unfortunately must be placed in general waste for deposal.