Dan’s engineering journey started on the farm fixing machinery, but it wasn’t long before he started coming up with mechanised solutions to dairy farming challenges.

When we decided to open a small milk processing facility on the farm, he adapted second-hand processing equipment to suit our needs. As our business grew, he started building bespoke equipment alongside experienced welders and fabrication specialists.

Dan’s first invention was the 50L refill station. These sleek machines do not use any single-use plastic, unlike small pergal machines, and give smaller shops the opportunity to be pioneers in the refill revolution.

The aim of this project was to bring the farm bulk milk tank to the shop – chilled, gently agitated milk straight from the dairy, cleanly poured into a reusable glass bottle at the press of a button. Once used to sell our own milk, these machines are now available to rent by retailers in southern England. We work with other dairies to supply them, such as Chew Valley Dairy, Meggy Moo’s and The Estate Dairy and Ivy House Dairy in London. These can also be adapted for other chilled liquid products.

Dan’s understanding of food manufacturing and hygiene, coupled with his engineering and fabrication experience makes him perfectly placed to come up with food manufacturing and refill solutions.

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