Leek and Asparagus Quiche

  • For the crust, combine the flour and salt in a food processor and add the butter, pulsing until the butter is in tiny pieces. Add cold water bit by bit, pulsing in between, until all the flour is moistened but not wet. The dough should not be sticky or crumbly but come together when pressed. If not, add a little more flour or water as required.

  • Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface into a 10” circle, making sure it does not stick to the surface. Transfer to a 9” pie dish, pressing the crust into it. Trim leaving about an 1” of overhang, which can be folded back under itself forming a thick crust. Crimp or flute the edge as desired and remember to prick the bottom of the crust with a fork before refrigerating for at least 1 hour.

  • Preheat oven to 190 degrees. Now if you’re a pie crust puritan, line it with baking paper and fill to the brim with dried beans or pie weights to stop it puffing up. Bake the crust for 30-35mins, until golden brown and dry to the touch. If you are weighing down the centre, remove the weights after 25mins and return crust to oven until the bottom is lightly browned. Let the crust cool completely.

  • For the filling, melt butter over medium heat in a large skillet and then add the leeks and cooking for a few minutes until wilted. Add the asparagus and cook until it just begins to tender. Set aside.

  • In a medium bowl, thoroughly whisk together the strained yoghurt, milk, and eggs. Add the gruyère, the vegetable mixture, seasoning and then combine.

  • Pour the mixture into the prepared crust and bake until almost set in the center, about 30-35 mins. Allow to cool a little before serving.